21st Annual PartyPalooza

21st Annual PartyPalooza

What a day!

If you didn’t come out to PartyPalooza at Eton Chagrin Boulevard, you truly missed something. I even enjoyed myself, and after 21 years, that’s tough. There were some new really cool things that even I hadn’t seen before. Plus, different booths reminded me about entertainment and favors we used to suggest, and somehow, I’d forgotten them.

As an example, there was a standing blackjack table at one of the booths, and it was busy all day. Casino is such a great theme, but we’ve done it so much, I never think to suggest it. The gaming booth across from mine reminded me how old I was. They were electronic of course and each screen had a multitude of people in front of it from start to finish. I wouldn’t even know how to play, but it’s a great way to keep people occupied. Not to mention that games alone are a great theme that’s been left “behind” so to speak. Especially with what’s out there today.

Photo booths have reached a new level. You can write on them, do slow motion, I don’t know, everything you can imagine and then some. One new vendor does something similar to a candy buffet but it’s all sorts of candy and toppings and right in front of your guests, he makes ice cream using nitrogen. He also had popcorn to which he adds nitrogen so while you’re eating it, smoke is coming out of your mouth. You can only imagine how popular that was! A great replacement for the tired candy buffet concept. And much less expensive.

The food? The caterers and venues were masters at their art: guacamole, mac and cheese, mini cheese cakes, gourmet pizzas, gnocchi, tomato soup in shot glasses with mini toasted cheese, salads done this way and that, every type of cookie and dessert—some presented uniquely and some presented dramatically by our many vendors. I can’t decide which is more important—the food or the way it looks?! Both.

Thank you to all who attended and many thanks to Eton Chagrin Boulevard (first time I ever shopped while hosting a trade show), Rock The House, All Occasion Party Rental, MVP Valet and others who made it a fabulous afternoon.

Watch for blogs for news about our many vendors and what they offer including specials and discounts, exciting ideas from the party industry that might take your party in a different direction, new venues and new caterers as well as updates on the many new items and entertainment to make the perfect event. They get to Cleveland a lot faster than they ever did!!


Sherri Foxman
Party411 Events