Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year.  

Hard to believe it’s 2018, but we say that every year.  

You’ve probably just finished your list of resolutions.  Are they the usual?  Lose weight, stop smoking (or stop inhaling), no alcohol, no red meat, no talking politics at parties, no texting while driving, no texting while eating, no texting while drinking (that always gets you in trouble), so on and so forth?  

Well, good luck.  I just read that the 88% of those who have bothered to make resolutions only stay resolute for a week or less.  Sounds like a pretty big waste of time.  So go rip up the list or erase it from your memory and do something more fulfilling.  Have a red wine (as long as you’re not driving) with a rib eye, spout your views (hopefully to someone who shares them), and text to your heart’s content (again, as long as you’re not driving).  That’s telling it to Father Time! 

Ok. Ok.  That sounds negative.  But failing is worse, no?  There’s only one goal (I wouldn’t dare call it a resolution), and that is to have a great time this year.  Go everywhere and anywhere you’re invited (hint: see if you can turn off your phone when socializing with live human beings–bet you can’t).  If there’s a party, go.  If there’s a benefit, go.  If there’s a networking event and you usually RSVP yes and not show up, go.  If there’s a reason for a dinner party, have one.  If there’s something to celebrate, celebrate.  In fact, I’d say if you just got a new iPhone X or the latest one-day-only special on QVC, text your contacts to come on over.

Party like it’s 1999.

Don’t we wish.

– The Party Girl