What’s Next?

What’s Next?

I have just returned from The Special Event in New Orleans—a trade show that showcases everything new in the special events industry. Decorative lighting and wearables are becoming more and more innovative. I remember when you couldn’t have a light up centerpiece because there would be electrical cords everywhere.  Imagine my glee when LED lights (first large, then mini mini) came on the market.  Oh, so many ideas, so little budget. But as the industry grew, the prices dropped making lighting and lit favors affordable for everyone.

The lighting in a room makes a huge impact believe it or not.  But it doesn’t have to be spotlights, wall washes and stage lighting. Lit activities take a boring room and make it scream!

You can start with the dance floor or spread it out!

From LED horseshoes, you can pump up the energy and provide interactive fun at the same time!  And here are a few other examples…

LED Horseshoes

Photo courtesy of OneMoreGadget.com

For instance, a ping pong table used to be fine…now they light up!

Glowing Ping Pong Table

Photo courtesy of AZ Bounce Pro

Shuffleboard? Boring.  LED Shuffleboard, not so much..  My heart be still.

LED Shuffleboard

Photo courtesy of FunPlanners.com

On to the smaller stuff.  It used to be that regular laminated backstage passes as seating cards or name tags in little pouches did the trick.  Not anymore.  Lots of alternatives were on show but none like the light up photo lanyard. Easily personalized with any image and wording you want, these little goodies can blink, strobe or just stay lit.  They are also full color (and can be printed on any printer) and reusable making them double as a great favor.  What’s not to like?

LED Photo Badge

Photo courtesy of SpecialEventBadges.com

Last but not least, LED wristbands are the rage. Some are sound activated and make the dance floor a mob scene and some allow you to also text instructions to your guests or let them know what’s happening next.

LED Wristbands

Photo courtesy of PixMob.com

All I can say is, why did it take so long!

Sherri Foxman
The Party Girl