Cocktail Hour Trends


Come to PartyPalooza, formally Simchapalooza, and find out what’s going on with cocktail hour appetizers and how much things have changed.  After you sample the tastings from our vendors, you’ll soon find out It that it’s a different world these days.  It isn’t as much about how things taste, it’s more about how they are presented. It used to be that you could put out some plates out and serve sushi…but now sushi is served piece by piece, on a little cute ultra-modern plate that announces how good it is before your mouth has even watered.  Only problem?  You end up with a lot of little plates and nowhere to put them.  Ah, but what a look!


Even though your guests may love deviled eggs or toasted mushroom sandwiches, they still must be “dressed.”  Appetizers are rolled in lettuce leaves or something green, skewered on bamboo, put in shot glasses, placed on edible spoons.  Tacos now walk and aren’t served in a chafing dish. Shrimp don’t come in a big bowl with cocktail sauce anymore, they are now split, put on a cucumber slice with a bit of lemon and rosemary with a dollop of something (sometimes red, sometimes white).
Everything looks fabulous and wonderful–in fact, too good to eat.