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Vendor Showcase – Mariana Edelman Photography & Design

Mariana Edelman Photography & Design (also known as ME Photography) There’s nothing more important than capturing your milestone on film–to enjoy today and for memories in the future. Way back when when I was doing these outlandish events for charity, everyone took photos, and everyone mailed them to me. Even for those “personal” events, I …


How To Plan The Mitzvah

Now’s the time b’nai mitzvah families, with mitzvahs to plan in the not too distant future, are hunkering down for their fall, winter or spring celebration.  It will be here before you know it.  Many people have no idea where to start.  This is July, there’s plenty to do outdoors, places to go and people …


Vendor Spotlight – Marriott Cleveland East

I hear it time and again from many of my clients: I don’t want to go to a hotel; I want something different. I truly don’t think people realize how much you save by using the Marriott Cleveland East–time and dollars. Every table, every chair, the stage and more are included in your price. OMG, …



Here we are in June already. I can’t believe it. When June approaches, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs fade away…there’s that summer break thing with camp and camp and a little more camp—so we’re free and clear to mid or late August. Oh, and some families go on vacation. That said, this is when many parents …


Vendor Showcase – Rock The House

A truly phenomenal party is one that not only includes the basic components –people, music, activities, ambiance – but elevates those elements in a way that exceeds the expectations of every last one of your guests! That’s where Rock The House comes in. As the area’s finest interactive entertainment and production company, Rock The House …


It’s May, It’s May!

B’nai mitzvahs are winding down, kids are already thinking about summer camp and a lot of families are in the midst of planning graduation parties.  A graduation party and a bar/bat mitzvah are truly not that different.  They both represent a very important milestone. Some kids/parents definitely want a theme; the three most popular?  School …


Vendor Showcase – Party411 Events

Party411 Events        People often ask what we do at Party411.  One is supposed to have an elevator speech ready to give at the drop of a hat, but for the life of me, all of what is done at Party411 cannot fit into 60 seconds or the suggested 30 seconds you read about in …


Happy April – Practice Makes Perfect!

If you have a party coming up, you might want to practice. A person planning a party has a lot of loose ends to worry about. Should I send a save the date? How soon should the invitation go out? If I send the invitation late, will I get less guests (yes, and wouldn’t that …


Vendor Of The Month – GDL

GAMES DONE LEGIT (Not just a “dance” party!) I used to think that music made the party. At some point as I aged, I moved to food makes the party. And now I realize, as time has passed and entertainment has taken over most events, interactive activities make the party. Ah, life! What happened to …


Is There a Theme In Your Future?

Looking ahead to planning an event and can’t decide whether or not to theme the event and/or what the theme should be?  Not unusual.  Believe me, I’ve heard pros and cons for years from the many clients who have graced my door.        From worrying that a theme will make the event more expensive to …

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