Balloons are Fabulous


Some people say, NO BALLOONS. Some people say, I HATE BALLOONS. I say, I LOVE BALLOONS. Balloons are so different today. They offer color, they fill a room, a hallway that was formerly dark and depressing. They bring attention to buffets, empty stages, ugly entrances. GIVE BALLOONS A CHANCE. Obviously, they aren’t right for every occasion (depends on the person), but you can get elegant balloons if it suits you.

Balloons can be themed…I love these flower balloon centerpieces especially for a little girl. You can make an entrance using balloon towers. There are palm trees made out of balloons and sculptures like this green and yellow one hung in a mall. Cool or what?


Design by Pink Gorilla Balloons

You can fill balloons, too. Once we took 36″ balloons, filled them with candy and confetti and placed them on the corners of the dance floor. At the appropriate time, the DJ broke them over the dance floor. Everyone loved it. I also have put stuffed animals in balloons, leather portfolios in a balloon at each seat as a corporate gift, filled balloons with balloons and so on and so forth.

Check out what you can do from elegant to fun at Pink Gorilla in main ballroom at PartyPalooza on Sunday.

The Party Girl