Centerpieces: Look Mom, No Flowers


Not every centerpiece has flowers.  Candles are huge for weddings; sports themes are huge for bar mitzvahs, lit with feathers are great for corporate or any milestone (especially a casino theme).  I’ve seen it all I think.  Years ago, I remember looking at different shaped and themed lamps and thinking, “I wish that was battery operated!” so I could use it as a centerpiece with out that ugly cord.  Well, it took a while, but my wish came true.  All centerpieces can be lit today.  There are platforms they can sit on to light them up, there are lights to insert inside the vase, there is battery operated neon string and more.  I have also purchased items (like an electric ferris wheel lamp for a carnival theme) and built a decorated box to hide the cord.  I was desperate!  I loved those ferris wheels.
I’ve seen centerpieces as simple as a pyramid of baseballs sitting on a square of grass with the table number coming out on a pennant.  I’ve seen so many things used to fill a variety of small to large and gargantuan vases I can’t keep track:  earth balls, M&Ms, light bulbs, sponges, fish and more.  In fact, I remember arguing with a client about goldfish in a closed container.  I told her it wouldn’t work.  She promised she wouldn’t do it.  She did.  They died while people were eating their salad and by the end of the party, they were all floating atop the container. Ugh.
My point:  think outside the vase.
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