CUSTOM CUFF…A “cool” unique new party favor.

CUSTOM CUFF…A “cool” unique new party favor.

Well, those yellow LiveStrong bracelets certainly made an impact some years back. Party planners, hosts and hostesses are still ordering rubber bracelets for anything and everything—from seating cards or sometimes to use at the bars to prove someone is a VIP and how important a VIP they are by the color.

Using 3D printing technology, this company prints any color on nylon plastic and cuts it. Use a name, the theme, a date, a monogram—anything—and you truly have something unique that guests will not just toss when they leave.

Because of the assorted colors, they also work for color wars or team building or even to acknowledge that the guest bought a raffle ticket at a fundraiser. I could think of 50 more ideas, but I’d bore you.

And that’s unusual!