I can dream, can’t I?

It’s August, it’s hot (or it is supposed to be), and we’re already thinking, “where did summer go?”  June is graduation and wedding month, July is all about patriotism and the red, white and blue.  August?  I don’t know anymore; kids are back in school before Labor Day instead of after so virtually summer is over before August ends.  Even though we’re told summer is over September 21st, that’s fake news.  

With that, I declare that end-August is a time to throw fate to the wind and celebrate summer’s end with a mind blowing day of hot-weather fun from stem to stern (that’s a boat reference which is a reference to summer which is a water sport). Some people may say, “don’t rock the boat, let the sleeping dog days of summer lie” but I say,  throw caution to the wind, and blow it out.  I’d give my friends a day off to remember!

If money were no object, I would hold something between a summer barbecue, a luau and a lobster bake by the ocean or on a lake (we have one of those lake things going on here so that probably would have to do).  I’d have the largest raw bar you’ve ever seen with rows and rows of clams, oysters and other shellfish, but stop at the  octopus carpaccio (thinly sliced octi).  There would be a display of fresh fruit with fruit kebabs coming out of carved out watermelons and pineapples–cold and refreshing berries, melons, kiwi and more.


I’d start mid-afternoon with water sports, sailing and even a few pontoon boats.  I would decorate the beach with white futons and white blowing gossamer walls.  The beach would have bamboo bars serving every flavor of iced this and iced that–and, as we watch the sun set, we’d drink a toast to summer and our memories of same.  The main stage would be on the water, lit from beneath and host to a band or two with a DJ taking requests in between.  


As dark approaches, I would light torches every five feet or so and not too far away have fires going with different entertainment starting where the bands left off and where people can wind down.  One area would be folk music.  Maybe the next one would represent peace, love and rock and roll.  Moving on, a little steel drum and reggae.  So on and so forth.  And all with incredibly comfortable seats.

Laid out, then laid back, and then I’d let the sleeping dogs lie.  But only after summer slips away.  

Wow, that felt good. 

I only wish.

The Party Girl