Happy April – Practice Makes Perfect!

Happy April – Practice Makes Perfect!

If you have a party coming up, you might want to practice.

A person planning a party has a lot of loose ends to worry about. Should I send a save the date? How soon should the invitation go out? If I send the invitation late, will I get less guests (yes, and wouldn’t that be nice)? How much liquor? How much food? Blah blah blah.

Some people hire party planners such as myself. Others consider themselves creative (and many of them really are), and think they can do it all themselves (and they can but some can’t). So just in case you think you can but don’t know if you can, maybe holding a soiree or two might be in order. You know, something simple to begin with so you can see what a pain it is (oh, I’m just kidding). Anyway, “What should we celebrate?” you ask. The list is endless.

If it were up to me, I’d entertain my friends as often as possible. And you know what? There’s a plethora of ideas at your fingertips (which have that keyboard Google thing at their ready!).

Right now, today, I would hold a SAVE AMAZON party. They are on the hot seat because of small businesses (like mine) and other things. So, I know. I know. There’re pros and cons, but OMG I don’t want to give up PRIME. I get hives just thinking about it. But it’s in the air. I for one would pay tax willingly if it meant instant gratification. I’d theme it out with this, that and the other thing all of which I would purchase on Amazon and, as I write this on Tuesday, have it for this weekend. Actually, I might just do that. I love parties that center around our state of affairs.

But enough of that. There are parties to host where it won’t matter if you’re guests are Republican or Democrat, or, oh no, bi-partisan. Where politics would never be mentioned and all divisiveness is defused. And here’s a list, and depending on how good you think you are, I’ve given you a few ideas for the month that you could pull off in a jiffy…

April is National Decorating Month (isn’t that perfect?!), National Fresh Celery Month, National Straw Hat Month not to mention National Humor Month. Put all those things in one theme and call me. I want to see that.

However, just using weekends since Friday and Saturday nights can be so boring, April 6 is National Caramel Popcorn Day, April 7 is National Beer Day and National Coffee Cake Day (do those go together?) plus it’s also National No Housework Day so no reason to clean before the company comes! April 12 is National Licorice Day and the 13th is National Peach Cobbler Day. Most importantly, the 13th is also National Blame Someone Else Day so if it’s terrible…you’re not to blame! But wait, April 27 is Hairball Awareness Day and April 28 is National Sense of Smell Day.

April is very busy for us, but you choose the awareness month or day of your choice between now and November, and I’ll plan it for you. That’s a promise!

(April Fools!)


Sherri Foxman
The Party Girl
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