How To Plan The Mitzvah

How To Plan The Mitzvah

Now’s the time b’nai mitzvah families, with mitzvahs to plan in the not too distant future, are hunkering down for their fall, winter or spring celebration.  It will be here before you know it.  Many people have no idea where to start.  This is July, there’s plenty to do outdoors, places to go and people to see.  Thus, I thought I would just help you get organized so you’re less stressed and can enjoy your summer, and do a bit here and a bit there.  Keep in mind that once you identify a place, a photographer or some special entertainment, you should book it.  That way, you have who you want and can rest easy no one else gets that date.  


  1. Get a notebook.  Like you had in schools with three rings.  
  2. Get blank notebook dividers that come with those little white paper things you can write on.
  3. Put these in the notebook.
  4. Label the dividers as follows:

A.  Guest list

B.  Projected “sane” budget (based on number of guests)

C.  Timeline (don’t forget the hotel block if you have out of town guests)

D.  Possible venues (based on number of guests and your budget)

E.  Caterers (if your venue doesn’t come complete with food)

F.  Music (DJ or band)

G. Photographers/Videographers

H. Save the Date, Invitations and Theme ideas 

I.   Unusual distractions and ideas (remember there are other places than Pinterest)

J.  Activities (may tie in with mitzvah project–or not)

K.  Event planners/Florist

L.  Contracts

M.  Invoices/Receipts

N.  Miscellaneous

Ok then.  That should do it.

Now, start collecting in your spare time, do the word of mouth thing, look for wedding fairs (or PartyPalooza on November 18, 2018 at the Cleveland Marriott East–a less than bashful plug) where you can meet vendors of all types, budget levels, etc., and interview them on the spot.  Believe it or not, wedding fairs are also good for this (and fun, too).

If you desire, hire a party/event planner who will help you with all of the above.  Some clients want to do everything themselves (believe it or not that doesn’t always save you money), do just a part of it or give it off completely.  Once you have made this decision, you or your event planner can fill up that notebook in an organized fashion so you don’t lose sleep at night and never need a Valium or a Xanax.  

Some sites to help you with timelines, budget tools and more:

Happy planning.

Think out of the box.

The Party Girl
Sherri Foxman