It’s May, It’s May!

It’s May, It’s May!

B’nai mitzvahs are winding down, kids are already thinking about summer camp and a lot of families are in the midst of planning graduation parties.  A graduation party and a bar/bat mitzvah are truly not that different.  They both represent a very important milestone.

Some kids/parents definitely want a theme; the three most popular?  School colors (the school they left or the school they’re attending in the fall), their favorite sport or extracurricular activity that the student was interested in while waiting with bated breath for the senior prom or the future promoting the school the student is about to attend.

We recently did an OSU themed graduation.  A “buckeye” party is easier than you think as would be a mascot theme at any school.  Every school has a mascot, of course, and he can be exploited from here to the moon.  In the case of OSU, Brutus is the man.  

Excuse me a second, the food channel is on in the background, and I looked up and there was  the show “In the Kitchen with David” on QVC.   The host is making perfect BBQ, burgers and roasted chicken in one of those smoking contraptions and on what they say is a really great powerful new age grill.  Sorry, I got distracted, but I must say, perfect graduation party food.  And since most graduation parties are at home, you should check out some of David’s backyard menus (or call me for a great caterer referral).

Sorry about that. I can’t cook but I find the cooking shows irresistible.  Sick.

Ok.  Back to Brutus.  He makes a fun sign in vehicle, a great centerpiece, a great photo prop and even a great dance partner for those who come stag.  One life-size cutout and you have a whole party!  Voila.  Rely on the school colors (in this case, red and gray), for linens, napkins, buffet decor, etc.  As well, every single school and I mean every single school, has licensed paper products, cups and much more for the little stuff.  Plus there’s nothing like a few pom poms to get everyone going.  In other words, make it easy, make it an open house.  It will help you deal with the good feelings or bad you have about your child going off to school.  Good memories.

Another very very important announcement!  PartyPalooza will be November 18th this year at the Cleveland Marriott East (where you can plan a mitzvah, a 2019 graduation or any party of your dreams with one quick sweep).  To keep track of who will be attending, the new products we will be showcasing and to reserve your band/DJ, photographer/videographer, party planner and additional activities and entertainers (most who are touting specials for that day only), go to

For booth information, also visit the website or send me an email at [email protected].

May your May be aMAYzing!

Sherri Foxman
The Party Girl
Party411 Events