Linens Can Change A Room!


Do linens make a difference?  They can.  And they will–depending on what else is going on in the room.  Beautiful linens make a beautiful room. Just look at the two black and white tables I’ve included.  Plain old black and white, but anything but plain old.    Now, I’m not telling you to go out and rent linens from one of our vendors if budget doesn’t allow, but there are so many other ways to dress the table that each of them have available.
Chair covers, chair covers with bows or ties, spandex chair covers, table sashes, tops only–it’s endless.  You can now have a spandex top in one color and the base of a table in another.  Stop at L’Nique or any of other vendors who will have tables on display to get the look you want,  You may choose a linen to the floor that is fabulous or you may just find a sash to cover the linens you already have.
On the other hand, if you want to really dress up the room, there are table cloths themed for everything–from golf and and red and white check for a BBQ to much more extensive frilly and sparkly things for corporate and weddings.  Check out this gold seating pattern with a gold charger, glassware, china, napkins and napkin rings to match one of the prettiest cloths available..
Let your imagination run wild. Then worry about the money!
The Party Girl