PartyPalooza 2019 Kicks Off


Hard to believe it’s been 7 months since PartyPalooza 2018, but it’s time for another showcase of Cleveland’s best and Cleveland’s newest “party/event” vendors and services.

We’re very excited to announce that the 24th Annual PartyPalooza is on the calendar for November 17, 2019 once again at the Cleveland Marriott East on Harvard and Richmond Roads.  What’s even more exciting is that the Marriott has been under renovation, and the new lobby space is fabulous.  If you haven’t seen it, stop by.  It is brand spanking new; very updated and sleek with even more room for showcasing vendors, entertainers and other unique distractions for your next event.

If you literally want to plan your event in one afternoon, it can be done.  More importantly, you’ll get organized—we promise.  And you and yours will leave with creative juices flowing with potential themes, new spaces, new entertainment and activities and ideas of what you might do that is within your budget.

As well, even more of our exhibitors will be offering show specials day of show only.  We are also adding a “mitzvah” row to help families choose a mitzvah project; fun interactive activities will be going on that benefit different charities if kids want to help.

What’s New?

There are so many new and newly renovated Cleveland hotspots there are too many to list.  And as technology improves, new interactive gaming and activities are changing minute by minute and lighting techniques and digital décor have become mind boggling.  There used to be one photo opportunity to choose from—the good old green screen—but now there are dozens.  Not to mention that they do everything from social media (Instagram, Snapchat…)  to creating a live platform at the event.  Guests can create their own cell phone case, take a peek in the virtual reality lounge sitting on futuristic lounge furniture or create their own 3D virtual painting, find the Twitter wall, join in a party chat on screens around the room or even become a mix master in a DJ booth, practicing and recording your own CD on a high tech scratch machine (whatever that is).

Watch this blog for new ideas and reviews of everything party.

We’re on it!

Sherri Foxman

The Party Girl