Photo Booth Props For The Creative


Today photo booths at parties are common.  And people thought it wouldn’t last,  But it’s like karaoke.  Neither will go away.  And they keep getting better and better.  What makes the booth special to you, the host, are the props that go with it.  Depending on the occasion and the theme, putting props at the booth entices your guests to get their photos taken and gives you memories that last forever.  Make sure to ask for a disk of all the photos that people took during the party.  You won’t believe what people do!
Photo booths come in all shapes and sizes.  There’s the old style strip like some of us remember from dime stores.  If you don’t know what a dime store is, call me.  There are green screens, there are booths, there are those with immediate access to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  The green screen allows you to pick your backdrop; the others allow you to have just as much fun using props.
Create your own or find a huge selection on the Internet.
Props make it!
I promise.