The Falling Leaves

The Falling Leaves

Can you believe Fall is here?  The only reason I know for sure is my leaf-covered car that greets me every morning.  But it’s by far the best season.  A little rainy this year, but beautiful.


Perhaps you should consider planning an event.

It’s clambake season, after all.  Who doesn’t love clams with the chowder, the corn on the cob, the chicken and the lobster!  Oops, last couple I went to they cheaped out–no lobster.  Bummer.

Instead, of course, you could have an Ocktoberfest. Beers from around the world.  Bratwurst.  A biergarten so you could pretend you’re in Bavaria.  Give awards out for anyone who shows up lederhosen.


How about a pumpkin extravaganza?  Pumpkin everything.  From pumpkin seeds on the salad, to pumpkin flavored sweet potatoes to pumpkin rolls and pumpkin flavored butter.  Oh what a buffet it is.  Last but not least, pumpkin pie.  Not celebrating the pumpkin seems rude, actually.

How do you decorate for any of the above?  Go into your front yard (or back yard) and gather up leaves, leaves and a few more leaves.  Put a candle atop a pile for the cheapest centerpiece ever.  Put them on window sills, down the middle of your table, make garlands for around the door.


I’ll “leave” it to you…


Last but not least there’s that Halloween thing going on.

You could do that!


Sherri Foxman

The Party Girl