There’s Flowers and Then There’s Flowers


Thinking of floral centerpieces for your next event? Don’t we all.  Some people find it a hard choice when confronted by the different colors and types of flowers.  Some people leave it up to the florist.  And some people choose the colors, the variety and even the size of that pink tulip in the center.  I’m not a florist but I wish I had a green thumb.

Clients have done everything from a glass vase filled just with candy or baseball stressballs (for a baseball theme, of course) to three flowers in a vase to centerpieces that have flowers, candles, mercury glass and more.  Many a charity has gone to Giant Eagle and dressed up an $8.99 potted chrysanthemum with some twine and a bow while others want a bed of roses with a sculpture coming out.  Many a budget has gone awry over the flowers.
The newest innovation, among many, are the immersible lights.  You can now take a glass vase, immerse a battery operated light, and make it glow in any color you want.  You can fill it with water pearls, beads, cut glass or just, um water.  But let me say this.  Take your florist at their word.  Give them a budget and remember…the florist knows best!!