Vendor Showcase – Party411 Events

Vendor Showcase – Party411 Events

Party411 Events


People often ask what we do at Party411.  One is supposed to have an elevator speech ready to give at the drop of a hat, but for the life of me, all of what is done at Party411 cannot fit into 60 seconds or the suggested 30 seconds you read about in business journals.

Party411 derived its name from “information”–because way baaaaack in 1996 when the company was formed, 411 was synonymous with information.  Wanted someone’s number? You dialed information aka 411.  Wanted the “411” on something meant you wanted more information.  Alas, times have changed.  I’m reminded of the error of my ways at least once a week when people call and ask, “Is this Party Four Eleven?”  At least 911, still means 911.  Who would have thought?

In any event, Party411 Events offers a lot more than the word “events” describes.  The company offers full coordination for private, corporate and non-profit events.  At any given time (such as now), we are managing a gala for The Cleveland Police Foundation (a non-profit), a company picnic for National Interstate in Richfield (a corporation with 800+ employees), two Pro Football Hall of Fame Enshrinement parties for the Vikings and the Ravens in August plus a myriad of other corporate events, non-profit galas and fundraisers not to mention bar mitzvahs, rehearsal dinners, weddings and, my favorite, a bark mitzvah or two every now and then.  It started with just wanting to share information about how to plan a party and turned into a full service operation.  That was 22 years ago.  And how many clients ago?  I have no idea.  OMG. 


If Party411 is not managing an event, we may be offering one of our other services to our clients, such as graphics, invitations, seating cards, signs of all kind printed on one of our wide-format printers and then, if necessary, cut into any shape or form.  Some of our clients use us for marketing (be it for an event or just our print capabilities), some come for our creativity and originality, an over the top theme, decorations, favors, suggestions on venues and vendors (from caterers to A/V production so on and so forth).  Party411 offers everything from start to finish in a package or in pieces and parts.  

Just this week, we are making 2-300 laminated badges for one client, sculpting hanging  paper flower balls to decorate a tent for another client (we puffed 600 flowers to make those balls so the office is a little slap-happy, but the week is almost over), creating mad scientist centerpieces for yet another and wrapping 250 candy bars for a mediation organization out of Pennsylvania (I guess chocolate helps people come to terms with each other–who knew?).


So that’s what I need to condense into my elevator speech.  Instead, when people ask me what I do, I just give them my card…which lists my title as:  CEO, Founder and “Just a Woman Who Works.”  What more is there to say?

Sherri Foxman
The Party Girl
Party411 (local) and (national)